Churros: To Cater or DIY?


So you have an event coming up in Utah and you can’t decide: should I cater fresh filled artisan churros from San Diablo, or make them myself? 

For many people, planning events can be a nightmare. Organizing guest lists, tables, chairs, decorations, and most of all: food. Catering can be an easy solution. Skip the grocery store lists, trips, and prices and go straight to the pros. No more headaches in the kitchen and you get to actually enjoy the event instead of having to run around the whole time worrying about your guests being fed.


Catering with San Diablo Artisan Churros is the perfect way to have fresh, delicious, snack-size treats at your wedding, party, or corporate event. Everyone loves churros and we set up our tent or food truck at your event and come with everything you’ll need- professional and friendly caterers, all of our freshly made ingredients, and the toppings and fillings of your choosing!

But, what if you don’t have the budget, or the guest list, for gourmet pastry catering? You might think that the only alternative would be to scale down and go for food that’s cheaper, and a lot less delicious. Or, you’re forced to stuff your fridge full of expensive ingredients and slave away in the kitchen for hours. But, that’s not the way it has to be. If baking isn’t your strongest skill or you have a smaller event that doesn’t quite fit the bill for catering, you can still get San Diablo quality at home and serve artisan fresh filled churros with all of the ease of catering.


All you need is one Fiesta in a Box kit. No need to stress about running out of supplies and running to the grocery store, you can order a refill pack of our award-winning churro dough mix, cinnamon sugar, and dulce de leche. You can also fill your churros with things around the house! Make a quick chocolate ganache using chocolate chips or dip your churros in Nutella. If you go through your dough mix, it’s super easy to make your own churro dough using our recipe using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Get creative with your fillings and toppings, you can even try out a savory churro option!

For a hassle-free alternative to catering your small or mid-size event, you can easily pipe your churros ahead of time using the San Diablo reusable churro maker and let the churros chill overnight. When your guests arrive, fry them in small batches and let your friends and family assemble their churros themselves. Or, you can bake your churros in the oven for an even more hands-free dessert. You can even fry up all of the churros in advance and freeze them; just reheat in the oven right before the party starts.


Become a churro master and wow your guests with the easiest dessert you’ll ever make. No need to be a pro pastry chef- anybody can make gourmet artisan churros in just four easy steps in under 20 minutes using the San Diablo at-home churro making kit: the one-stop-shop for wowing your guests.

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