#Churros4Change is a holiday-giving event aimed to celebrate changemakers and to raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits. We gather local influencers, entrepreneurs, foodies, students, and churro fans together as part of the global Giving Tuesday movement in November.

Those who purchase tickets to the event have the ability to choose which nonprofit they would like to donate to and 100% of those proceeds go directly to the organization. In addition to ticket sales, San Diablo also holds a silent auction at the event to raise additional money for the nonprofits.

Churros for Change grows larger each year and has raised thousands to support local charities such as A Child’s Hope Foundation, Academy for Creating Enterprise, Carry On Foundation, Utah Food Bank, The Younique Foundation, Care Cuts, Warrior Rising, Because He First Loved Us, Fight the New Drug, Start-up Santa, Charity Vision, Operation Underground Railroad, CHOICE Humanitarian/Singular Humanitarian, and Tyler Robinson Foundation.

In December 2019, San Diablo hosted the fourth annual #Churros4Change, where more than 400 individuals attended, despite having the event the week after Thanksgiving. Yelp also joined San Diablo to host a pre-VIP event as a way to increase attendees.

Two different local nonprofits were chosen this year as recipients of the proceeds. The event raised over $3,900 for Care Cuts and The Younique Foundation. The event featured gourmet tacos from Jurassic Taco and Lola Tacos, drinks from Thirst Drinks, and all-you-can-eat churros including grilled meats and sauces churros from Hey Grill Hey.

The hosts of Mix 105.1’s morning show emceed the program including entertainment from professional artists Yahosh Bonner, O/B/A, and Henry Ammar. San Diablo along with Care Cuts and The Younique Foundation considered the event to be smashing success. Here is feedback from one nonprofit whom San Diablo helped:

“It was so wonderful to be able to work with you to make #Churros4Change happen this year. The involvement in #Churros4Change was definitely positive for The Younique Foundation. We really were able to meet people and make connections that wouldn’t have happened without you and your team. You provided a high-quality event with vendors and attendees who were passionate about being involved. Everything from the preparation work to cleanup was excellent and well thought out.” Review by Megan Ward The Younique Foundation

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