How to use your San Diablo Churro Maker


Wait until you find out how easy it is for anyone to make fresh filled churros at home. What makes it so easy? The San Diablo Churro Maker which ships anywhere in the United States. The churro gun comes with nine different nozzles but the magic maker is the hollow churro tip which makes it super easy to make fresh filled churros that can be stuffed with Nutella, dulce de leche, and more! All you’ll need next is your churro dough, you can make your own from scratch or order the San Diablo dough mix and just add water for the easiest, most delicious pastry you’ll ever make! 

How do you use your churro maker to make fresh filled churros at home? Simply attach the hollow churro nozzle to the tube in one quick twist, fill the barrel with your churro dough, and fry or bake your churros. Then cover with cinnamon sugar and add your favorite fillings! 

How should I cook my churros? Frying your churros is super easy with the San Diablo Churro maker and it makes the most authentic and delicious churros. Just twist the dough out of the churro gun and use a knife, scissors, or just your finger to drop the churros into a pot of frying oil. After just a few minutes, remove your churros! If you want to try baked or air fried churros for a healthier option, click here. 

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