Me, You, Kim Kardashian, and... Churros?


Who is the one person who might be more obsessed with churros than we are? Kim Kardashian. Although it may come as a surprise, the billionaire mom and entrepreneur can’t get enough of them. But, there’s no need to fly to Paris, cross the border, own your own industrial churro machine, book a ticket to Disneyland, or even rent your own churro stand to enjoy incredible, artisan churros. 


Now you can make your own churros any time you want with our reusable Churro Maker. As long as you have a few basic ingredients in your pantry, you can enjoy delicious churros all day, every day.

San Diablo churro making kits are the best tool on the market to help you become a pro churro chef since they contain everything you need to make incredible filled artisan churros.

Get creative with toppings, fillings, and flavors. Ran out of dough? Make your own from scratch or order another packet of Churro Mix! Feeling savory? Spicy? Sweet? The possibilities are endless. Once you try a homemade churro, you’ll never make another food court churro run again.

Don’t just take it from us... Hear what our fans have to say!

“Hands down THE best churros. So much better than Disneyland! Gourmet dough, mini, and filled with delicious and flavorful fillings. I love these. So. Much.”
Elise Gubler, Google review
“We absolutely loved our churros! My brother in law from Mexico said they rivaled his favorites from his hometown. The seasonal favorites were so good.”
Ashley Bateman, Google review
“These churros are seriously addicting! Moist but not mushy and packed with flavor. The price point is right and the staff is friendly. Definitely recommend!”
Jaymalyn Schow, Google review
“Holy YUM! You know how sometimes you build something up so much in your head that you’re almost afraid to try it because what if it doesn’t live up to your expectation? These churros lived up and then some! Especially the dulce de Leche... OMG.”
 Treylynn Garcia, Google review

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