San Diablo Churro Catering


San Diablo Artisan Churros is the perfect choice to cater your Utah event! We have tons of options and always guarantee high-quality, artisan filled churros. 


Our most popular full-service churro catering option is our mini filled churros made fresh at your event. All-you-can-eat churros made on-demand in front of your guests and served individually.

Our traditional fillings include dulce-de-leche, Nutella, and sweet cream. We also offer seasonal flavors like Lemon Curd, Coconut Cream, and Raspberry during the Spring and Summer, and Pumpkin Cheesecake, Caramel Apple, and Red Berries during the Fall and Winter.

We fry our mini churros in small batches, coat them with cinnamon sugar, and fill them with the filling of your guests' choice for fresh, still warm gourmet pastries. We can even offer gluten-sensitive and vegan churros upon request. We also offer our mini churros for pickup and delivery. 

Want to make your event extra special? Include Artisanal Rockwell Ice Cream (with cups and spoons). Available flavors can include: Honeycomb, Cookies & Cream, Muddy Buddy, and Vanilla Bean. By special request, we can even cater churro-fried banana splits and Mexican hot chocolate. 

Take & Bake Churros

No need for catering? No problem! You can get 25 pre-made, frozen mini churros ready to air-fry or reheat (6 min. at 350°) and devour! Include disposable shot glasses, napkins, and 2 reusable filling bottles with our traditional fillings of Dulce de Leche, Nutella, and Sweet Cream.


Interested in something even more unique? Cater our bacon-wrapped churro dog, churro-fried baby dogs, or churro-fried chicken tenders. Each come with dipping sauce and you can even add chips and soda.

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