Churro Maker: Gourmet Kitchen Gadget




You deserve fresh-filled churros & with San Diablo’s Churro Maker and now you can fry or air fry churros in under 10 minutes. Make churros with our award-winning scratch recipe instructions included or purchase our just-add-water churro mix packet!
Included in the kit:

  • Durable and dishwasher-safe churro maker 3" x 8" with 13.5 oz capacity
  • 9 different shapes of interchangeable nozzles
  • E-book of recipes, pro tips, and video tutorials with step-by-step instructions! (gluten-free and Vegan recipes available)



It's a churro fiesta and everyone's invited! Now you can take your dessert experience to a whole new level and create churro memories at home: 
  • Churro anytime on-demand: Treat yourself to something different and fun for family nights, dinner parties, date nights, or just because #selfcare. 
  • Level up your special occasions: Start new traditions (every Sunday is Churro FunDay) and upgrade birthdays, holidays, and any party. There’s always a reason to celebrate with churros!
  • Fry or air fry — It's so easy: Unleash your inner chef! Just make the dough, load the churro maker, and fry or air fry churros just the way you like them. Repeat. Often.
    Give deep-fried happiness: The perfect birthday, wedding, and thank you gifts — because we all have #churroneeds. Give a unique culinary experience to loved ones, teams, and clients. 



Check out our Churro University Videos — our YouTube video series with step-by-step instructions, pro tips, filling recipes, churro party ideas & demos of our award-winning classic, gluten-free & vegan dough.


CHURRO FIESTA IN A BOX SUBSCRIPTION: When you select this, you’ll get a Churro Fiesta in a Box. Every 1 or 3 months after, you'll get a Refill Pack (churro mix, cinnamon sugar and filling bottle) at the frequency you choose for $28.04 each (15% off of $32.99).

REFILL PACK SUBSCRIPTION: When you select this, you’ll get a Refill Pack for $28.04 (15% off of $32.99). Every 1 or 3 months after, you'll get a Refill Pack at the frequency you choose (also at 15% off).

CHURRO MIX SUBSCRIPTION: When you select this, you’ll get your chosen number of Churro Mixes at 15% off. Every 1 or 3 months after, you'll get the same number of mixes at the frequency you choose (at 15% off).


Products are automatically delivered on your chosen schedule. You'll receive an email with instructions to manage, modify or cancel your subscription at ANYTIME.


Make churros in less than 10 minutes! Just add boiling water to the dry churro mix, and insert it into our churro maker. Fry in 375°F canola oil or air fry at 375°F. Dust with our signature cinnamon sugars. Fill with your filling of choice and enjoy! Pro tips, video instructions, and recipe ideas can be found online and on your Fiesta planner!

Group Orders

The best gifts are deep fried! Group orders for the Churro Fiesta in a Box include a complimentary virtual churro-making class and are perfect for Client & Team appreciation, Holiday celebrations and Company & group gifts.

Please click here to fill out a request form for group orders of 10+ Churro Fiesta in a Box Kits.