Take & Bake Churro Kit: For Local Utah Pick-up Only


Please choose your first of two filling flavors
Please choose your second of two filling flavors

* Available for Local Utah Pick-up Only * 

The perfect solution for easy DIY catering and making churros on demand anytime! When you need them hot and fresh whenever you want them. Trust us, we understand! 

Each Take & Bake Churro Kit include 26 pre-made, frozen mini churros ready to
air fry or reheat (6 min. at 350°) and devour! It includes two reusable filling bottles of your choice of Dulce de Leche and Nutella and one shaker of our Classic Cinnamon Sugar. 


  • 26 pre-made, chilled mini churros ready to air fry or reheat, fill and devour!
  • We make our own award-winning churro dough from scratch and then handcraft every churro, fry them to golden perfection and then coat them with sugar and freshly ground cinnamon. Because our churros are artisanally-made in small batches, their sizes, color and shapes may vary.   
  • Two reusable filling bottle of your choice Dulce de Leche and Nutella.


Just air fry or reheat at 350°F for about 6 minutes or until they are your desired temperature. You may want to air-fry or broil/toast each side of the churro for extra crispiness. Fill to your hearts' content — get creative with what you have around like honey, jam, nut butter, homemade fudge! And for added flavor "pop," we humbly suggest sprinkling some pink Himalayan salt on top!


Make churros in less than 10 minutes! Just add boiling water to the dry churro mix, and insert it into our churro maker. Fry in 375°F canola oil or air fry at 375°F. Dust with our signature cinnamon sugars. Fill with your filling of choice and enjoy! Pro tips, video instructions, and recipe ideas can be found online and on your Fiesta planner!

Group Orders

The best gifts are deep fried! Group orders for the Churro Fiesta in a Box include a complimentary virtual churro-making class and are perfect for Client & Team appreciation, Holiday celebrations and Company & group gifts.

Please click here to fill out a request form for group orders of 10+ Churro Fiesta in a Box Kits.