Churros around the world!


So you got a San Diablo at-home churro-making kit and now you’ve eaten our gourmet, cinnamon-sugar-covered, dulce de leche filled artisan churro for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past week straight and you’re ready to switch things up...

Did you know you can use your Churro Maker for so much more? If you’ve never had a savory churro, now is the time. Feeling a bit of wanderlust? Take your plate to Mexico with churro nachos. Explore Italy with cacio e pepe churros and a tomato garlic sauce. Get a taste of India with a masala curry-filled churro. The options are endless!

The San Diablo churro maker comes with nine different nozzles so you can experiment with different churro techniques to create the perfect churro treat.  

Believe it or not, churros are popular street food all around the world- not just in Spanish-speaking countries. Churros transcend borders and are loved globally and used to celebrate for a plethora of reasons. South Korean American Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim even cited churros as the key to calming her nerves. After her incredible halfpipe performance, Kim celebrated with churros saying, “I’m so happy, [churros] bring me so much joy.” 

South Korea has a vibrant street food culture and churros make their debut as the churro dog (츄로 도그). You’ve had an American corn dog but this Korean treat takes it to a whole new level. The Korean churro dog is a hot dog on a stick fried inside fresh churro batter, covered with cinnamon sugar, and topped with sauces like ketchup, mustard, and cheese.  (The spicy habanero-infused cinnamon sugar on our secret menu would be perfect for this!) Swap your hot dog for your favorite sausage and play around with toppings and dips like white queso, chimichurri sauce, garlic aioli, and so much more.

You’ll need:

  • Hot dogs/sausages/chorizo/etc
  • Skewers
  • Churro dough
  • The San Diablo Churro Maker

Simply skewer the hot dog, wrap your hot dog in fresh churro batter using the San Diablo Churro Maker, and fry the churro dog in a pot of oil. Add toppings to taste!

Save yourself a trip to Seol and make this Korean treat in your kitchen at home. Think this Korean churro dog sounds delicious? Wait until you hear about the world’s first Bacon-wrapped Churro Dog with a housemade smoky and spicy Diablo dipping sauce. Try it for yourself by tracking down San Diablo’s food truck!

In addition to exploring flavors from around the world, the San Diablo Churro Maker allows you to make churros of different shapes and sizes. It comes with nine different nozzles so you can experiment with different churros to create the perfect churro sweet or even savory treat.  

Churros can come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. Get creative with your reusable Churro Maker and tag us on Instagram so we can see what you come up with! More savory recipes can be found in our e-book that comes included in our Fiesta In A Box kits, or found here to get creative with your churros!


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