How to: Crazy Churro Shapes

Did you know- churros come in all shapes in sizes? You’re probably aware of a few of them: classic Spanish horseshoe dipped in chocolate, the long hollow churro seen at Disneyland and Costco, and the mini-filled churros from San Diablo Artisan Churros. But, the sky’s the limit for what kinds of shapes and styles your churro comes in. 

The churro ice cream sandwich features two churro discs as the “bread” with a scoop of ice cream in between them. To make the churro discs you should use the standard nozzle (not the hollow nozzle for filled churros!) that comes with your San Diablo churro maker. Then, pipe your churro out into the shape of a disc onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and let your churro discs chill before frying. You can also use this method for any shape you’d like! You can freehand and design whatever shape you have in mind right onto the parchment-lined baking sheet or sketch out your design onto the parchment for more accuracy. Then, let the dough freeze in place before placing gently into a fryer or let chill before baking. 

For extreme precision, use cookie cutters. Spray the cookie cutters with cooking spray or rub them with butter. Then place your greased cookie cutters onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and pipe churro dough around the outside. Then, place your tray (leave the cookie cutters!) into the oven and let your churros bake for fun churro shapes. 

The San Diablo churro maker comes with nine different nozzles so the possibilities truly are endless. What crazy shape will you come up with next?

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