How to throw a churro holiday party

No matter what you’re celebrating, there has never been a holiday that you can’t include churros. You can create delicious filling flavors for any season or holiday-- like peppermint for Christmas, champagne for New Year's Eve, and pumpkin cheesecake for Halloween (check out all of these seasonal filling flavors in our online recipe book!). If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate with churros, go ahead a throw an Earth Day party with “grasshopper” churros, red white, and blue churros for Memorial Day, or celebrate National Churro Day on June 6th! Here are a couple of ideas for how to churro party for any holiday. 

  1. Flavor - Easily the most important, making themed fillings/dips/and sauces has everything to do with your event and reason for celebrating. Seasonal flavors are key here-- it’d be strange to serve peppermint churros during the summer (unless, of course, you’re throwing a Christmas in July party!) So, chose your flavors accordingly. Feel free to take some creative liberties here and really think outside of the box.
  2.  Presentation - Coming in shortly behind the flavor, presentation is what will make your churros stick out. Experiment with colorful fillings, glazes, sauces, drizzles, and sugar. You can even add edible glitter for some extra pizzazz. Pick some toppings and decorations that match the holiday. For the 4th of July, top your churros with sparklers, Pop Rocks, or mini USA flag toothpicks. The San Diablo churro maker comes with nine different nozzles so you can experiment with different shapes and sizes. Try making churro ice cream sandwiches, mini-filled churros, horseshoe-shaped Disneyland-inspired churros, or even churro “nachos.”
  3. Serve - You have a ton of options on how you can serve churros at your party. You can create a “churro bar” for your guests to pick their favorite toppings and fillings or premake your churros to be just how you want them to be. If you really want a “wow” factor you can even assemble your churros into a pyramid or serve them alongside ice cream or hot chocolate. Feel free to grab serving trays, cups, or bowls as well as napkins and utensils that are themed for the holiday-- you can pick these up at the dollar store, party stores, or your local grocery store.

Grab some drinks, decorate to your heart’s content, pick the perfect party playlist, and you’re on your way to hosting the best churro holiday party ever!

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