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We fill lives with happiness by fostering human connection, creating memories, and always finding reasons to celebrate. We create the best food experience in the world through delicious, innovative, gourmet churros and personal interactions that surprise and delight.


Fill lives with Happiness ✨

Become the Global Churro Authority 😤


The year, 1996. The location, Coyoacan – the “historic center” of Mexico City. The food, churros. Obviously.

Long time taco explorer and fluent Spanish speaker, Scott Porter, and friends journeyed to Mexico City (for the umpteenth time…really, we can’t count them). One evening, the post taco game plan included a stop at Coyoacan, where churro stands line the streets. But, not just for any churros, FILLED churros. Yes, we all know of the churro from Disney Land (that will be $14, please) or Costco (just $1), but never filled and never made fresh on-site. A discussion ensued among friends, “Why don’t we have filled churros in America?”

20 years later. 20 YEARS LATER in 2016. Location, Salt Lake City, UT. This same explorer, found himself at a crossroads in his career. He remembered his churro visions on the streets of Mexico City and decided it was time. Utahns. All Americas. All people really. deserved fresh-filled churros.

Why start in Utah? Knowing Utah was a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and with the growth of major tech companies and most importantly, a deep, deep love for all things dessert, it seemed as though Utah was ripe to adopt this Mexican tradition.

Before he even had a name for his new company, Scott scoured the interwebs for local opportunities and venues that may be interested in fresh-filled churros. He called. And he called. Finally, an answer. Cornbelly’s – Utah’s Thanksgiving point fall tradition for years. The call went something like this:

Scott: “How would you feel about fresh-filled churros at Cornbelly’s this season?”
Cornbelly’s: “We’ve always wanted to have churros at Cornbelly’s”
Scott: “Well, your churro dreams are about the come true.”
Cornbelly’s: “How long have you been in business?”
Scott: “Well, we would be launching at Cornbelly’s”
Cornbelly’s “Okay then…
Scott: (Sensing some hesitation) “How about this. How about I provide fresh filled churros with all of our flavors for you, and all of your staff or anyone responsible for deciding on the food vendors.”
Cornbelly’s: “Great, we are meeting on Tuesday.”

With the appointment set and having made churros approximately 2 times in his life, he needed help. So what did he do? He got on the phone. This time to long time friend, and award winning chef, Mindy Booth.

Scott: “What are you doing tomorrow? Want to make churros?”

In 3 days, San Diablo Artisan Churros was born - name chosen, logo created, recipe developed, gourmet fillings decided. All in time to present to Cornbelly’s board of decision makers, who (drum roll please) voted, “Yes, in favor of churros!” (Good choice).
In Spanish, San Diablo means, “Saint devil.” It’s really quite impossible, but plays on the juxtaposition of good verses evil, healthy verses sweet. The deep-fried churros are so delicious, they had to be sent from heaven, but maybe not be the most healthy option. Then the tag line, “Heaven Sent. Wicked Good.” Our mascots, a devil and an angel. Get it?
In a few short weeks, San Diablo Artisan churros hired a team of 20 artisans and successfully launched at Cornbelly’s. The rest, is, well, history.

We live and reflect the Spirit of San Diablo through these core values: 

Dedication—We are passionate about people. food, experience, service, development, innovation & happiness.
Interaction (not transaction)—We’re personable, genuine, and kind in all of our interactions. We don't just provide churros, we provide happiness to our people.    
Attention to detail—We know that small things make a big difference.  
Brighten—We always have fun, uplift, and strive to make everyone feel like a VIP. 
Legacy— We are building a lasting tradition of excellence and positive personal and global impact. 
Opportunity to “Wow”—We are empowered as leaders to create opportunities that unexpectedly delight.


Chief Churro Officer | Scott Craig Porter |

Together with our artisan team, Scott Porter, San Diablo Artisan Churros founder, has delivered deep-fried happiness to 6,000+ celebrations since 2016, winning Best of State for pastries in Utah five times. Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur and leader having been the executive director of two nursing homes and a home health agency, co-founder of the first all-you-can-fly membership airline Surf Air, co-founder of the game of Reverse Charades, co-founder of the international non-profit organization Singular Humanitarian and management consultant with Gartner, InsideOut Development and General Assembly. His Vitamin T brand experience and leadership training teaches how to unlock the power of culture and humanized brand experience to thrive — all on the search for the perfect taco. He holds a B.A. in public relations and an M.B.A. in international business, marketing and entrepreneurship from Brigham Young University, and an M.A. in Spanish from California State University-Sacramento.