The 13 Best, Not-So-Average Outdoor Activities - San Diablo Artisan Churros

Warmer months with a more under-control pandemic means your options to spice up your daily routine just opened up. We’ve compiled some of the best, not-so-average outdoor activities that’ll get you out of the house and enjoying some Vitamin D.

These activities span a range of age groups, making them perfect to do with family, roommates, or friends.

Go “Camping” in Your Backyard

Who says you have to rent an official campsite to enjoy the camping experience? Set up your text in your backyard! If you don’t have a fire pit, make a fake fire with mini churros! Tell scary stories over the delicious logs.

Set up an Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

To get your kiddos (dogs included!) moving, set up a fun obstacle course using some of their toys, rope, and other things you can find around your house. See if they can beat their best time!

Sidewalk Paint

Take decorating your driveway to the next level with sidewalk chalk paint. It’s extremely easy to make and has the same effect as regular chalk. Grab some cheap or old paintbrushes and go to town! Why is painting way better than using the actual chalk?

Outdoor Movie

Pick a classic like The Sandlot, rig up a screen, bring your portable projector, and enjoy a movie on the grass! Some classic movie snacks include popcorn and candy, but mix it up with homemade churros!


Have you ever seen a rock and wanted to pick it up and take it with you? Well, call it rockhounding and you can! If one of your kids is into dinosaurs, rockhounding in Utah is great because you could come across some awesome fossils!


Paint Rocks

If that sidewalk art made you crave something a little more permanent, go on a walk to find a few smooth rocks to paint! Decorate them with geometric patterns, little animals, or a phrase. Display them on your doorstep to show off your incredible work!


Have you ever wanted to be part of a real-life treasure hunt? Geocaching is that dream made real! Grab your friends and search your neighborhood for hidden secrets.


Hopefully, you can see the stars from your home, but sometimes driving an hour will put you in a dark sky area where you can see them even better! Use this dark sky map to find an area near you. Places with a lot of colors are bad for stargazing.

Disc Golf

You’d be surprised by how many disc golf courses there are. This sport is relatively inexpensive and can be played casually or competitively. Find a course near you and give it a try!

Paint en Plein Air

Get a little fresh air while tuning in to your inner Monet. Purchase a paint-by-numbers kit and take your painting outside! Bring a few San Diablo mini churros as a tasty snack. For a childlike spin, use the San Diablo fillings as finger paint!


Although somewhat intimidating, rollerskating is an awesome way to get out of the house. And once you master the basics, you’ll look like a pro!


When all the tennis courts are taken, throw it back with a little badminton! It’s easy to learn and easy to play making it the perfect game for any age.


Pickleball’s popularity has grown within the last couple of years. Although a little intimidating at first, once you learn the rules, it’s easy and extremely fun. Grab some paddles and hit the courts!


Get outside and shake off that indoor-funk. Let us know which ideas you try! Are there other not-so-basic outdoor activities we should add to our list?

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