Savory churros

I know. I know what you’re thinking. Churros are a dessert. I’m sure when you think of the word churro you think of cinnamon sugar deep-fried happiness, and you are not wrong. But let me remind you that the origins of churros were a savory treat. Just for a brief history lesson, churros originated in China and started as a savory salty snack. Only after the Portuguese explorers took them back to their land, they added sugar– and much later when the Spanish arrived in South America, were churros filled.


So trying savory churros is going back through churro origins, and what a delicious journey it is!


Think about all of the times the combo of sweet and salty has blown your mind. Caramel corn. Maple bacon. Chicken and waffles. PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY. Now picture a caramel corn churro. A maple-filled churro topped with bacon bits. Fried chicken... And CHURROS. A jelly-filled churro with peanut-butter infused cinnamon sugar. I mean, the possibilities are endless. 


Now if we’re going to take this one step further I want to circle back to chicken and waffles... and pivot toward corn dogs. Meat + pastry = a delicious treat enjoyed for centuries around the globe. We took your favorite carnival foods and elevated them with gourmet homemade churros. The result? A bacon-wrapped churro dog. 


Our bacon-wrapped churro dog made headlines in 2019 when we first unveiled our sweet and savory combination. But, we had been working on savory churros for a while before that. In 2017, we officially developed an appetizer line of savory churros for its catering menu, and in the fall of 2018, we collaborated with Utah-based, internet sensation Susie Bulloch from Hey Grill Hey to expand our appetizer line of savory churros to introduce new grilled meat flavor combinations.


We wanted elevated, gourmet savory churros, not just a churro covered in salt and pepper instead of cinnamon sugar. So, our grilled meat churros included flavor options such as pulled pork with a sweet rub, grilled steak with a roasted jalapeño chimichurri and pickled red onion, and chicken curry, which have continued to be favorites among our catering customers. Our e-book full of homemade churro recipes includes our secret savory menu items and more!



Find out what you can make with your San Diablo churro maker by visiting our website and unlocking all of our recipes.



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