How to Plan a Churro Family Night

Going out to eat can be a super fun family tradition or an easy backup for when you're not in the mood to cook. But, let's face it - going out all the time can get expensive. Plus, it can be difficult to bring young kids to restaurants. That's why I love to plan fun family nights at home instead!

One of my kid's favorite family night activities is to make treats together in the kitchen. It's a great opportunity to spend some quality time as a family, help your kids learn new skills, and enjoy restaurant-quality food at home. No more wrestling in the car or embarrassing public outbursts while trying to create memories with your kids.


Our family has started the tradition to make homemade cinnamon sugar churros every Sunday night after dinner to start the week off right! They're easy and delicious and we can make as many as we want with whatever flavor combos we can come up with. Recently we've had our kids create their own churro-filling flavor ideas, resulting in some interesting desserts (ie: lots of sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and candy). Making our treats in the kitchen together has become our favorite activity of the week because it encourages conversation and laughter while also getting us to eat great food every night of the week! 

What makes this such a carefree, easy family night activity is the San Diablo Fiesta in a Box Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to make delicious homemade churros. Our kids can add water to the dough mix and make the dough in seconds. We opt to make baked churros instead of fried churros which includes the kids even more since they can use the San Diablo churro maker that comes in the kit to easily twist perfect hollow mini churros onto a baking sheet rather than over a pot of hot frying oil. Then we can all dust our own churros and fill them with our favorite creative filling ideas. 

We always end the night playing a board game or watching a movie. I’ve loved watching our family come together every week-- and having an excuse to eat churros! Make your own traditions at home with the San Diablo Fiesta in a Box kit.

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