Make "Back to School" More Exciting

Back to School season can be a godsend for tired parents, an anxious countdown for nervous kids, and a dread-filled prison sentence for teens. While families around the world prepare for the new school year in different ways, there are certainly ways to ease the transition for everyone in the family. One way you can do this is to host a party to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the school year.

'Tis the season for stressful school supplies shopping trips, tearful goodbyes to the end of summer freedom, and filling the calendar with never-ending sporting events, musical lessons, play dates, and social activities that can begin to dominate the entire year. I know-- you may not be eager to plan a party with everything going on in your life; however, a party doesn't have to be a major production, nor does it have to drain your bank account just to have fun! Here are some tips for hosting a back-to-school bash that everyone is sure to enjoy.

  1. Set a fun theme for the party. The "Back to School" theme is an obvious one, but there are other themes you can try as well. A luau theme would be great at the pool, or you can create a backyard beach to say farewell to summer. For rising college students, theme your party around their college campus or their dorm experience (for example: make your own dorm room door decorations). The possibilities are endless- just get your creative juices flowing! 

  1. Plan the menu. Pizza and popsicles are cheap and easy but you can create a new back-to-school tradition with your kids by serving their favorite foods with a twist or trying something different. A churro bar is a fun way to step out of the traditional dessert menu and serve a little something different and fun. Plus- you can adapt it to whatever theme you choose!

  1. Create a playlist for the event and decorate it! If all else fails, music is enough to make any party a success. Get the kids involved by creating their own Spotify playlists that they can listen to while walking to school or taking the bus to keep them excited throughout the school year. For a fun and functional decoration idea create a back-to-school countdown to hang on the wall and mark off the number of school days until the school year begins.

  1. Ask other parents for help! Inviting other moms and dads over can help make the prep and planning more manageable and make the event more fun for you and the kids who attend. This can also help your kids make new friends if they're starting at a new school in a new neighborhood.

No matter what you decide to do for your back-to-school bash remember that it's your opportunity to make this year special for your kids! It's a fun way to kick off the school year and celebrate another year of learning and growth with your kids!

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