Fiesta in a box - The ultimate churro-making kit


San Diablo began as a fresh food service that focused on event catering. It was later developed to include food trucks and a storefront. No matter where San Diablo goes, we set up our mini-kitchen and pull out our fresh, award-winning, dough, and fry-up churros right in front of your eyes.

Churros are best enjoyed fresh, warm, and filled with delicious gourmet fillings. Over the years San Diablo has excelled in bringing deep-fried happiness to parties, events, festivals, and food truck round-ups near you! Now, with our Churro Fiesta in a Box, you can enjoy the churro magic in your own home! Let me explain how this all began.

THE IDEA. In the fall of 2018, San Diablo was accepted into a unique program hosted by Goldman Sachs entitled, “Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.” It was at this program that the idea for an at-home churro kit was born. 

DEVELOPMENT. At the end of 2021, we sold our first test offering of DIY churro kits with frozen dough for people across the country to enjoy fresh-filled churros without leaving the house. 

SUCCESS. After a year of planning, innovating, and reinventing we dove head-first into the consumer product and e-commerce space with our flagship at-home churro-making kit with shelf-stable, just-add-water dry churro dough mix — the Churro Fiesta in a Box

WHERE WE ARE NOW. Our Fiesta in a Box kit has become a massive success. Seeing the global cultural shift in the food industry we saw a niche for people who are craving a luxury food experience without leaving the house. We have put catering into everyday kitchens across the country and homemade, fresh-filled churros into the hands of families everywhere.


WHAT IS IT? Our Fiesta in a Box Kits contains everything you need to become a churro master for life. The star of the show is our San Diablo churro maker which is a reusable kitchen tool that comes with nine different nozzles to create endless options for making unique churro shapes and sizes

No need to make a trip to the grocery store or look up a churro recipe- our at-home churro-making kits come with a dry churro mix that forms delicious churro dough in seconds- just add water!  It doesn’t stop there; we’ve included our gourmet dulce-de-leche filling and a reusable bottle.

To top it all off: our signature Classic Cinnamon Sugar — sugar and freshly ground cinnamon — to dust your homemade churros. What else can you do with your homemade churros? We’ve given you the answer with our e-book of all the recipes of our award-winning dough, and dozens of filling recipes from top chefs and foodies around the world — including Gluten-free and Vegan churro dough and filling recipes.

Go grab your own Fiesta In a Box to see what other goodies and treats are waiting for you in our at-home churro-making kits.



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