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Get ready to elevate your offerings and captivate taste buds with San Diablo's products: Take & Bake Churros, Take & Fry Churros, & The Churro Fiesta in a Box: The Ultimate churro-making kit

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CHURRO Take & Bake Kits

Our Take a Bake line redefines convenience without compromising on flavor. With a delicious array of pre-prepared churros, your customers can effortlessly bake or air-fry and indulge in the warm, crispy perfection of San Diablo churros anytime, anywhere.

13 Churro Kit
Wholesale: $7.99 | MSRP: $14.99 | MOQ: 200

13 Pre-made frozen Churros
For Consumers in a bag, box or label
1 oz Cinnamon Sugar
2 oz Dulce de leche filling

26 Churro Kit
Wholesale: $14.99 | MSRP: $29.99 | MOQ: 100

26 Pre-made frozen Churros
For Consumers in a bag, box or label
2 oz Cinnamon Sugar
4 oz Dulce de leche filling

100 Churro Kit
Wholesale: $59.99 | MSRP: $119.99 | MOQ: 25

100 Pre-made frozen Churros
For Restaurants & Food Service
8 oz Cinnamon Sugar
16 oz Dulce de leche filling

Bulk Pricing

For sporting venues, restaurants, eateries, & other food service companies with oven and air fryer capabilities. Our churros are shipped fried, frozen, & hollow - just reheat for ~5min at 400F or until golden brown and they are ready to fill and eat! Each pack of 100 frozen churros comes with sufficient cups, Dulce de Leche filling & Cinnamon Sugar to sell filled churros in 3 packs, or 6 packs.

500 Churros: $399.55 | $.79/ fried & frozen
1000 Churros: $749.00 | $.74/fried & frozen
10,000 Churros: $6,990.00 | $.69/fried & frozen
25,000 Churros: $16,225.00 | $.64/fried & frozen
3-Pack Filled churros: $6-8
6 Pack Filled churros: $10-15

Take & FRY Churros

Elevate your dessert offerings in a unique and delicious way. For restaurants, eateries, food service companies & and venues with frying capabilities. Our award-winning dough comes to you frozen, in hollow churro form, ready for frying and filling! Deep fry churros at 375F for 3-5 minutes until golden brown. Each pack of 100 frozen churros comes with 30 cups, one 12oz Cinnamon Sugar shakers, & one 16oz Dulce de Leche bottle.

100 Churros: $69.99 | $.69/filled churro
500 Churros: $324.95 | $.64/filled churro
1000 Churros: $599.99 | $.59/filled churro
10,000 Churros: $5,490.00 | $.54/filled churro
25,000 Churros: $12,475.00 | $.49/filled churro
50,000 Churros: $22,450.00 | $.44/filled churro
100,000 Churros: $39,900.00 | $.39/filled churro
3-Pack Filled churros: $6-8
6 Pack Filled churros: $10-15


Introducing our Churro Fiesta in a Box – the ultimate churro-making kit! Easy to fry or air fry fresh churros in less than 10 minutes! It's the perfect gift to make churros at your next, family activity, date night, dessert night, team-building event, or holiday celebration.

This kit comes with everything you need to make churros:

Churro maker, Just-add-water churro mix, Dulce de Lethe filling bottle, Cinnamon Sugar, Angel & Devil Horns, Churro Fiesta planner with Recipes & Videos.

Orders for Corporate gifting can be customizable in a variety of ways & includes a FREE virtual churro making class. Please fill out the form above for more details.


Wholesale: $29.99 | MSRP: $59.99

MOQ: 10

Corporate Gifting Reseller

No customization: Wholesale price $27.50, MSRPP $55 (MOQ 10)

1st tier: Custom stickers over 1-2 panels: Wholesale price $30, MSRP $60 (MOQ 10)

2nd tier: Custom sleeve over box: Wholesale price $32.50, MSRP $65 (MOQ 25)

3rd tier: Custom box: Wholesale price $35, MSRP $70 (MOQ 200)

4th tier: Custom box and custom labels on contents: Wholesale price $37.50, MSRP $75 (MOQ 200) 

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