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We’d be lying if we said Cinco de Mayo wasn’t our favorite holiday. Pinatas, papel picado, tacos, elote, and of course churros (**heart eyes**) make this often overlooked holiday one of the most fun and delicious! We feel it should be renamed “Churro de Mayo” because of the best Mexican Dessert.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to churr-ify. You can recreate any of these delicious options at home using your Churro Maker and our award-winning pre-made churro dough. Who knew homemade, fresh churros could be so easy?

Before we dive into churro variations, we have to start with the classic filled churro. Churros are great on their own, but add a little dulce de leche or sweet cream in the center and you’ve got yourself an addictive treat!

Start your day off right with churros for breakfast. Fry churro nuggets, put them in a bow, and add your favorite milk. Delish!

Another breakfast classic: French toast. Go the extra mile to make this churro-inspired version of this all-time favorite.


More of a waffles kind of person? Take some of your churro dough and put it in your waffle maker! Coat with our signature cinnamon sugar before covering in your favorite syrup or fresh fruit.

To add to your churro breakfast, grab your favorite fruit, coat it in our award-winning churro dough, fry it up, and finish it off with a roll in our signature cinnamon sugar.

We’ve perfected the first bacon-wrapped churro dog, now you can, too! Visit our storefront or food truck to try it for yourself for a more savory option.

Alternatively, make these herb churros with white queso dip from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Try candy-stuffed churros! Put churro dough around your favorite candy (Snickers, KitKat, Twix) and fry it up! Let us know which is your favorite churro.

Who said you can’t have churro nachos? Fry up a bunch of churro nuggets and top with anything! We recommend diving in with your hands, but you can use a fork, we won’t judge.

When it’s time for dessert, make these churro ice cream bowls and serve with your favorite ice cream!

Along the same lines, create a churro-fied banana and serve a churro banana split!


Although our favorite way to eat a churro is fresh, handmade, filled churros, there are a lot of other ways to celebrate Churro de Mayo!

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