7 Atypical Activities for the Fourth of July - San Diablo Artisan Churros

Warmer days and shorter nights mean summer is in full swing. And if that’s the case, that can only mean one thing: the Fourth of July is approaching! We’ve compiled a list of atypical things to add to your Fourth of July festivities.

Berry Picking

Whether you venture to a berry orchard or walk into your backyard, pick some fresh berries to have with your dinner! Or, take your berries to turn them into a homemade jam perfect for rolls, ice cream, or even your homemade San Diablo mini churros!

Karaoke Night

Speaking of jam...host a jam session or karaoke night! Sing popular country songs and embrace this holiday!


Eating Contest

Is it just me or do you see eating contests but never actually participate in them? Well now’s your chance! Host a family or neighborhood eating contest. You could do classic hot dogs or something a little sweeter like mini pies or mini churros.

Water Fight

Typically July is really hot outside. Cool off with a water fight! Pull out the garden hose, water balloons, sprinklers, slip-n-slide, and water guns for a full-on battle! Split into teams or make it everyone for themselves!

Edible Fireworks

Fireworks are one of those things that you just wish you could eat. We’ve created a way you can safely enjoy tasting the way fireworks look. Using your San Diablo Churro Maker, make your homemade mini churros. Coat the outside in regular or Diablo-style cinnamon sugar. Once your churros are filled, dip one of the ends in PopRocks for a delicious explosion with every bite!

Messy Twister

A classic party game, Twister can be played with adults, young kids, and every age in between! Take this activity to the next level by getting messy. Use washable paint or dye shaving cream, and play the game like normal. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind staining!

Neighborhood Parade

Is the Fourth of July really complete without a parade? Rally the troops with their scooters, bikes, roller skates, and walking shoes, decorate everything, and march around your neighborhood! Queue some patriotic songs and wave to your neighbors.

No matter how you celebrate the Fourth of July, we hope you stay safe and get to see some beautiful fireworks!

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