churro-making at home


The Barrows Family makes churros in 10 minutes with just four easy steps using the San Diablo Artisan Churros Fiesta in a Box Kit! Dad, and Mom, and their 3 children ages 9, 7 and 4 spend their evening creating memories through churros. 



Step 1: Add water to the mix! This part was easy for even Madeliene- the youngest. Simply mix the packet of San Diablo’s dough that comes with the Fiesta in a Box kit with boiling water until the dough is smooth. Next, fill the San Diablo Churro Maker with the dough.


Step 2: Fry the churros. This step needed some extra help from mom and dad. Add oil to a pan and release the churro dough out of the churro maker and into the frying oil. 


Step 3: Dust with cinnamon sugar. With the churros fresh out of the frying oil, Jack covered the mini churros in the San Diablo cinnamon sugar mixture. (This was his favorite part!)


Step 4: Fill the churros with your favorite filling. Grace had fun scooping her Nutella into the churros... even if most of it ended up on her face! 


Step 5: Devour! The entire Barrows family cleared out the plate of churros in even less time than it took to make them and Jack, Grace, and Madeleine were begging mom and dad for more.

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