14 Unique Food Options to have at Your Utah Wedding - San Diablo Artisan Churros

Wedding season is coming! Cue the fridge covered in wedding announcements. One of the absolute key features of every wedding is the food. Step away from average catering and level up with experience-based caterers!

Some of our favorites for wedding celebrations in Utah:

Sweets & Desserts

Fresh Filled Churros

Unforgettable, unlimited and unbelievably delicious. Delight everyone with artisan-made fresh filled churros from San Diablo. Each churro is made on-demand by our snappily-dressed artisans upon ordering and can be customized with filling colors to match your color scheme, favorite flavors, and different coatings! Contact us for an estimate or to schedule a tasting!


Cotton Candy

Add a childlike nostalgia to your wedding with cotton candy artists. It’s like balloon animals, but better (and tastier!). With any color and flavor combination, you can get really creative with these tasty sculptures. Their pineapple- and pig-shaped creations are so cute!



Ice Cream

Want a nitrogen ice-cream spectacular? Whether or not you’re science fans, you’re going to love the show from SubZero Nitrogen ice cream. It’s almost like magic: first it’s liquid, then add a little smoke and you’ve got solid ice cream!


Or, if you’re looking for the nostalgia and handcrafted taste of artisanal ice cream, you’ve got to go with Rockwell Ice Cream. The honeycomb and muddy buddy are divine. But have you heard of the G.O.A.T? This flavor won best ice cream in America in 2019. It has a rich goat cheese base with blackberry, lemon jam swirls and honey rosemary roasted almonds.


Savory Foods



Unique Finger-food appetizers

Churros aren’t just for dessert anymore! With our churro-inspired savory options, these appetizers will knock their socks off. Imagine churro bites of chargrilled steak with chimichurri and crumbed cheese or pulled pork from local food celeb Susie and her delicious BBQ sauces at Hey Grill Hey. Or even our churro-fried chicken bites or mini baby dogs (Lil’ Smokies wrapped in churro dough and then deep-fried to perfection). Contact us for a tasting now!




Let’s be honest, everyone loves Mexican food, and Sobe Eats is perfect for those looking for an elevated take on this favorite. With unique flavor combinations and vibrate colors, their tostadas, tacos, and bowls will satisfy everyone!


If you’re looking for more of a street taco feel, Jurassic Street Tacos is exactly what you need. With prehistoric portions and delicious meats, no one will be left wanting more.




Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser, and Fiore Pizza brings a unique and modern look to this classic meal. Its extra-large food truck is a repurposed shipping container with large windows and a wood-fired oven gives you an up-close look at their artisan pizza-making process.




Who doesn’t love fresh barbecue during the summer? Bam Bams BBQ or Bandera Barbecue are both great options for those who want a little more sustenance to their wedding meal. With the smokey char that reminds you of summer and good memories, both of these restaurants know how to do Texan barbecue right!



White-Klump Photography


Go crazy with gourmet popcorn! Delicious, simple, and good if you’re on a budget. With a variety of options, Rooster’s Gourmet Popcorn can serve a full range of savory and sweet choices like cinnamon toast, peanut butter, dill pickle, and smoked gouda. Delight your guests with this often overlooked classic.






Cater to all of your guests by having a mocktail bar! Level it up with a certified mixologist to create esthetic and delicious signature drinks for your wedding. Alexi Johnson is a Utah-based Master Mixologist. She and her team at The Hammered Copper are sure to give your guests a truly unique mocktail and cocktail experience!



Handcrafted Teas & Punches

Keep it local with handcrafted lemonades, teas, and punches from Corelife Eatery. These drinks are not only delicious and refreshing, but also beautifully colored! Their honey ginger lemonade or the apple cider green tea are sure to be a huge hit.



Dry Ice Drinks

A simple yet always impressive option are dry ice drinks. Ask your caterer to make this delicious punch or classic homemade root beer. Your guests will love the taste and novelty of a smoking punch bowl.



Homemade Limeade

Another showstopper is homemade limeade. Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeades does it right when it comes to this overlooked beverage. Who says drinks like that are only for spring and summer weddings?? The color alone will add a beautiful touch to every reception dinner.



Soda Bar

Instead of having only a few drink options for your guests, a soda bar from Thrist Drinks is a perfect alternative! With a myriad of mixes, sodas, and flavor add-ins and even pretzels, everyone is sure to enjoy it. We recommend their Dr. McDreamy option: a smooth combination of raspberry puree and coconut cream mixed with Dr. Pepper.



Boba/Bubble Tea

An often overlooked drink favorite is boba or bubble teas. The tapioca balls at the bottom of your favorite drink (it doesn’t have to be tea!) add a fun (and literal) pop to this refreshing beverage.


When it comes to what to serve at a wedding, the food can be one of the hardest decisions! Hopefully, we’ve helped to ease your stress with these fun ideas.


Did we miss something? Leave a comment and tell us what it is!

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