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Spring doesn't have to be full swing for us to have an itch to clean out our homes! Although most of us know how to clean the basics, we’ve compiled a list of eight ways to deep clean some of those things around the house that don’t get as much love.

Do you know a cleaning hack that would save a fellow churro lover some time? Let us know!


Small Appliances

How frequently do we clean the small things we use the most often? If we were evaluating ourselves, it would be not enough! Luckily, these kitchen appliance cleaning hacks break down the cleaning process for our toaster, food processor, and coffee maker.


Hopefully, you clean your sheets fairly frequently, but how often do you deep clean your mattress? This article takes you through refreshing this super important piece of furniture!


Sure, you can use the “Clean” feature, but how clean does that really get your oven? Use these oven deep-cleaning tips to have a sparkling oven in no time!

Deep Frier and Air Fryer

Because you’ve been making so many churros using San Diablo’s Churro Maker DIY Kit, we know your fryer is in need of a little TLC. Whether you use a deep fryer or air fryer for your churros, we don’t mind! Keeping your fryer clean will enhance your churro experience!



Similar to your mattress, how often do you really clean your couch? This article goes through removing stains and freshening up your cushions.



Maybe you clean your toilet weekly or every-other-week, but how often do you deep clean it? A few extra steps to add to your cleaning routine will keep your toilet fresh and sanitized.


Tell us we’re not the only ones with built-up hard water on our showerheads. Give your performance hall/deep thinking space a little love with this showerhead hack.

Deep Clean Your Spaces

Although this hack isn’t one specific cleaning tip, Marie Kondo’s 6 Rules of Tidying is a great motivator when it comes to deep cleaning some of the spaces in your home.

Bring in the new season and freshen up your spaces! Let us know which tips you try or what should be added to the list.

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