Churro Maker vs. Piping Bag


There are many DIY churro recipes on the internet that call for the use of a pipping bag, often with a star-tipped piping nozzle, to fry churros at home. Piping bags can get the job done but can be a daunting task. Piping bags can pop, spill, and burst, which is the last thing you need while standing over a pot of hot frying oil. Piping bags are great for frosting cakes but churro dough is not the same consistency as frosting and you need a ton of force to press churros out of a piping bag, but too much force and your dough bursts out and ends up on the floor of your kitchen.

One thing that piping bags don't allow for is hollow churros. Hollow churros don’t just taste better because of fillings, they actually cook more evenly, leaving you with a churro that’s perfectly crispy and golden brown on the outside and light and airy on the inside. 

The easiest way to make perfect churros every time, even if you’ve never baked anything successfully in your life, is to use the San Diablo Churro Maker, which comes with nine different nozzles and makes the churro process a million times easier. The San Diablo Churro Maker comes with a hollow nozzle for delicious-filled churros but it’s super easy to switch out your different nozzle tips if you want to change things up. Also, piping bags are usually sold as single-use plastic bags which are bad for the environment and for your wallet. You can reuse the San Diablo Churro Maker forever. It’s incredibly easy to wash and store and you don’t have to buy new piping bags every time you’re in the mood for churros. 

To use the San Diablo Churro Maker, just load your dough into the barrel and twist the knob until your desired length of churro dough is dispensed. (It’s so much easier to have total control over the size of your churros this way.) Then, release the churro by swiping a knife or your finger at the base of the churro and gently lower it into your frying oil. If you’re using two hands to force pastry dough out of a piping bag, you could end up splashing yourself with hot oil or even dropping your piping bag into the pot. 

If you’ve ever been too intimidated to attempt making churros at home because using a piping bag seems way too much of a hassle, try out the San Diablo Churro Maker for yourself.

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