Churro Ice Cream Sandwich


The ice cream sandwich is a fan favorite around the globe. Each country has its own spin on the ice cream sandwich. The year 1899 featured the earliest mention of ice cream sandwiches in North America. Street vendors in New York sold slabs of ice cream between sheets of paper, called "hokey pokeys" until someone had the idea of using cookies instead. 

In Singapore, common ice cream sandwich flavors include durian, red bean, yam, sweet corn, honeydew, and chocolate ice cream between two wafers. 

Itim Khanom Pang (or Icecream Khanom Pang), literally translating to bread ice cream, is street food in Thailand usually composed of longer rolls similar to hot dog buns a mix of scoops of coconut ice cream/sorbet (or vanilla) and chocolate-flavored ice cream, with a selection of local toppings from traditionally salty or sweet sticky rice, salty crushed peanuts, and syrup-soaked chewy palm seeds to slivers of fresh or dried fruits. 

In Israel, ice cream sandwiches are commonly known as "kasata" (קסטה). Though the name comes from the Italian cassata, the dessert itself has little to do with Italian cassata, and usually consists of two thick biscuits holding a mix of blocks of vanilla and chocolate-flavored ice cream.

The ice cream sandwich always features ice cream, squished between two delicious pastries or bread products and everyone has their own preference for the perfect “bread” of an ice cream sandwich. 

Have you ever thought about using churros instead of cookies? A churro ice cream sandwich is super simple to make using the San Diablo Churro Maker. Chose a star tip nozzle (skip the hollow churro nozzle this time) and load your dough as usual. Then, instead of piping individual mini churros, form your churro base. Prep a sheet with parchment paper and twist out your churro dough as you begin to create a circle. Start from the middle and spiral in a circle, making sure to avoid creating any gaps. Then, allow your churro dough discs to freeze so that they will hold their shape in the frying oil. When your churro discs are ready, fry them as usual, making sure to flip the churro disc so that all sides are cooked evenly. Remove the churro when it reaches a golden brown color and place it on a paper towel-lined plate to drain. Next, dust cinnamon sugar over the churros and form your ice cream sandwich by placing a scoop of ice cream in between two churro discs. Pro tip: you can use a circle cookie cutter to freeze your ice cream into a perfect circle to make it even easier to assemble your churro ice cream sandwiches!

Try it out! You won't regret it!

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