Green Food & Fiesta Ideas for March - San Diablo Artisan Churros

I think we can all agree that the color for March is green. With spring around the corner (fingers crossed!) and St. Patrick’s Day, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative in the food department!


We’ve compiled this list of 14 green food and fiesta ideas (that aren’t salad) for you to enjoy:



Another popular breakfast food: pancakes! Add some green food coloring to your favorite pancake mix for an easy St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Pancake breakfast. Top them with whipped cream and Lucky Charms for added fun.



A go-to green side is a guacamole--this classic guacamole recipe from Chef Roberto Santibañez is divine!



Speaking of avocados, have you tried frying them? This recipe from Eat Your Heart Out requires only a few ingredients and is a fresh (and healthy) fried option!



While you have your oil out, make some mint creme-filled churros! Using your San Diablo churro maker, create a mint filling by combining sweetened condensed milk, mint extract, and green food coloring. Or, get creative and see what other green fillings you can come up with!



A fun snack is this St. Patrick’s Day green popcorn from Taste of Home. This recipe makes a bunch, so you can easily create gifts for friends and neighbors and offer a little extra luck.



This creamy pesto pasta looks heavenly. With some chilly days still ahead, this is perfect comfort food!



What better way to summon summer vibes than a green key lime pie? Make this goodie on St. Patrick’s Day or Pi Day (3/14)!



Not much of a citrus pie person? Grasshopper pie is a great alternative! And don’t worry, only a minimal amount of grasshoppers are used. You can hardly taste them!



These decadent Thin Mint milkshakes from the Salty Canary are the perfect way to end the day (or start one, we won’t judge you!).


Now that you know what food you’re going to serve, let’s plan the party! We’ve found a few things you could do at your fiesta:

  1. Host a Family Feud game with St. Patrick's Day and Irish trivia!

  2. Create poetry and host a poetry night on March 21st - National Poetry Day! Use these poetry prompts and resources to help you get started! Nosh on some of your green-filled churros as a treat.

  3. Host a U2 karaoke night in honor of the world's greatest rock band (that happens to be Irish).

  4. Host a green food potluck! Everyone brings their favorite green foods. If your dessert offering includes fresh, filled churros from your DIY Kit (link), crush up green Jolly Ranchers and add to your cinnamon sugar before rolling your churros!

  5. Throw an eco-friendly Go Green party. Don’t use disposable items if you can help it! Fill your space with plants or, instead, provide small plants (air plants are perfect!) and give them away as party favors.


We hope these recipes and fiesta ideas give you inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day! Let us know which recipes or ideas are your favorites, and/or what you’d add to the list!

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