4th of July Churros!


This Independence Day, why not add churros to the menu? The best things about serving mini churros at your 4th of July party are that you can make as many churros as you’d like, they’re less messy than cake or ice cream, the sky’s the limit with flavor combos, and they’re super fun to decorate! Here are some ideas for what you can do with churros for your next Fourth of July party. 

  1. Flavor ideas:
  • Apple pie
  • Rootbeer float
  • Summer berries
  • S’mores
  1. Decorations and toppings:
  • Sparklers
  • Pop rocks
  • USA flag toothpicks
  • Star sprinkles
  • Edible glitter
  1. Presentation:
  • Red, white and blue churro dough, filling, sugar, glaze, or drizzle
  • Churro tower
  • Churro bar for your guests to assemble their churros themselves
  • Churro flag (with blue churros + white star sprinkles and red and white churros for the stripes)

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