How to throw a churro themed party


No matter what you’re celebrating, there has never been a reason to not include churros. You can create delicious filling flavors for any season or holiday-- like peppermint for Christmas, tropical fruit for the summer, and pumpkin cheesecake for Halloween (check out all of these seasonal filling flavors in our online recipe book!). But you can also make churros the star of the show at birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, family reunions, and more! Here are a couple of ideas for how to churro party for any theme or occasion. 

  1. Flavor - Making themed fillings/dips/and sauces has everything to do with your event and guests. Seasonal flavors are key here-- it’d be strange to serve peppermint churros during the summer (unless, of course, you’re throwing a Christmas in July party!) So, chose your flavors accordingly. If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary pick the favorite flavors of the honored guest. Consult your party theme for flavor inspiration.
  2.  Presentation - Coming in shortly behind the flavor, presentation is what will make your churros stick out. Experiment with colorful fillings, glazes, sauces, drizzles, and sugar. For a tailgate, Super Bowl, or graduation party, pick the colors of your favorite team or school. Make a gender-reveal churro with pink or blue filling on the inside so you can bite into the churro and celebrate learning the gender of a new baby! Pick some toppings and decorations that match your party’s theme. For a summer luau, top your tropical churros with cocktail umbrellas. You can buy or DIY wedding toppers for churros served at a bridal shower. The San Diablo churro maker comes with nine different nozzles so you can experiment with different shapes and sizes. Try making churro ice cream sandwiches, mini-filled churros, horseshoe-shaped Disneyland-inspired churros, or even churro “nachos.”
  3. Serve - You have a ton of options on how you can serve churros at your party. You can create a “churro bar” for your guests to pick their favorite toppings and fillings or premake your churros to be just how you want them to be. If you really want a “wow” factor you can even assemble your churros into a pyramid or serve them alongside ice cream or hot chocolate.

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