San Diablo's Cinnamon Sugars




The San Diablo Fiesta in a Box kit comes with our classic cinnamon sugar in a convenient, reusable shaker bottle. Our cinnamon sugars are mixed by hand with white granulated sugar and freshly ground cinnamon. A sweet temptation to dust on fresh, filled churros and other decadent treats like brownies, cookies, french toast, and hot chocolate. The cinnamon sugars come in a 2 oz. shaker with a flip-top. The best way to use your cinnamon sugars is to dust your churros with the cinnamon sugar shortly after frying. Allow the churros to drain slightly before topping them with cinnamon sugar, rotating the churro so it is evenly coated on all sides. 

San Diablo also offers spicy cinnamon sugars in two different styles: Diablo and Inferno.

The Diablo-style cinnamon sugar is made with freshly-ground cinnamon and cayenne pepper in a 2 oz. shaker with a flip-top. This is a mild-to-medium level spicey and sweet cinnamon sugar that pairs beautifully with rich chocolate sauce for a Mexican hot chocolate-inspired churro. 

The Inferno-style cinnamon sugar is made with freshly-ground cinnamon and habanero pepper in a 2 oz. shaker with a flip-top for a little bit more of a kick.

If you would like to make your own sugars you can either refill an empty San Diablo shaker bottle or put the sugar into a bowl or plate and roll the churros to evenly coat.

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