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We believe that food brings people together, but that churros create bonds. Not only are we passionate about food, but we are also committed to improving our local communities and creating a legacy of change. We knew we had the responsibility to give back in more ways than just delicious dessert, which is why we created #Churros4Change just a few months after the inception of San Diablo. But, we didn’t stop there. Every year San Diablo gets the opportunity to work with new nonprofit organizations, national charities, local initiatives, fundraising events, and more to positively impact our communities at home and abroad.


As a mission-driven business, we exist to inspire lives filled with happiness and memory-making. Community outreach is a part of our brand DNA. A key part of who we are is our dedication to engage in the lives of our members and community by actively giving back and participating in efforts to empower, uplift, and deliver happiness.


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