How to Host a Churro Murder Mystery Party


Whether it's Halloween season or you're just looking to have a fun spooky evening, throwing a murder mystery party is the perfect way to get everyone in the mood! Here are some tips on how to throw a killer party:

  1. Choose a fun murder mystery theme. There are plenty of options available online or at your local bookstore. You can purchase a party pack like these from Masters of Mystery. These kits make it super easy to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

  1. Decorate your venue. Ambiance is everything, so decorate your party space according to your party's theme. Then arrange furniture to create different settings for your different scenes and make sure your lighting is set for a mysterious glow! Don't forget to plan a playlist for the evening and make sure your guests arrive dressed in character. It's such an easy step that adds so much to the overall atmosphere of the party.

  1. Plan the menu. Some hosts prefer formal sit-down dinner parties, but we prefer buffet-style finger foods for a more interactive, lively feel. You even have the option of doing a potluck where everyone brings a dish to share. Our favorite finger food for parties? Churros- of course! As the night progresses, you can even bring out themed churros that match the tone of the story and incorporate them into the evening. There is so much you can do with churros and they're less filling and cumbersome than cupcakes or ice cream. Pro-tip: make a dark chocolate pomegranate "bloody" churro topped with sugar "glass" shards when the guests discover the dead body!
  2. Have fun! Follow the party pack or murder mystery game kit and really go all out with your character. To add to the overall experience, you can even create awards and prizes for categories such as "Best Detective" (first person to name the Murderer and motive), "Best Liar" (for the Murderer, if no one guessed the solution), "Most Likely to Commit a Crime" (as noted by the host, for someone who was not guilty but named on many ballots), "Best Costume" (as voted by the players), and "Best Performer" (as voted by the players).

Here are some theme ideas to get you started from Masters of Mystery:

Christmas Capers "Christmas Mashup Murder."

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