How to Start New Traditions with Churros

Making new traditions with your family and friends is a great way to keep things interesting and fun. You can add to existing traditions or make new ones all on your own and create new memories and strengthen long-lasting relationships. Here are some ideas for how to create new traditions with churros:

  1. Make churros for the first day of school. Throwing an end-of-summer churro party is a great way to start the new year off right and make some new friends.

  1. Have a family churro-making night. Set aside one day of the week/month/year and create a special family holiday. Make churros together, watch a movie, or play a game. Creating memories doesn't have to be elaborate.

  1. Include churros into holiday traditions. If you're looking to spice things up and do something different this year, try adding churros to your holiday tradition. You can leave churros and hot cocoa out for Santa Claus instead of cookies and milk. Perhaps your family goes all out for April Fool's day- make some prank churros for your kids to enjoy. It's up to you!

  1. Celebrate birthdays with churros. Make your friends or family members feel special on their birthday with this super easy dessert that looks a lot harder than it really is. Flavor the birthday churros with the guest of honor's favorite flavors for a unique birthday dessert. You can even stick a birthday candle into a mini churro. Perfect for those who don't like cake!

  1. Make churros as a fun and easy thank you. When someone does something special for you, don't forget to give them a churro as their thank you. Maybe you've just moved into a new neighborhood and your neighbor helped you carry some boxes over from your car to the house- surprise them with a mini churro to say thank you. Everybody loves a homemade treat.

  1. Celebrate milestones with churros. Big life events like graduating or having a baby deserve their own special treat, and churros are the perfect way to do it. But even small achievements like getting an A on a test or winning a soccer tournament can be celebrated with churros. Everyone loves to celebrate those milestone moments in life, big and small!

7. Be creative! These were just a couple of ways you can incorporate churros into your life to create new traditions. With the reusable San Diablo churro maker the world is your oyster when it comes to creating fun new memories with family and friends!

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